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Article: Celebrate in style this summer! What should little girls wear for big events?

Celebrate in style this summer! What should little girls wear for big events?

Celebrate in style this summer! What should little girls wear for big events?

With birthday parties, christening and weddings on the rise, celebration season is upon us. The question is, what is the best outfit for your little girl? Well, look no further! Here, you will find some top tips and examples to help you make your choice. 

  • Hold on to individuality!

With fast-fashion and trends on TikTok, it is all too easy to lose a sense of a child’s individuality and identity through clothing. Therefore, what has become increasingly popular and in demand are those ‘one of a kind’ pieces with hand-crafted designs that make each dress unique and special. One effective way to achieve this is to look for dresses that have beautiful hand embroidered designs. 

An example of this would be this charming 'Blossom Ceremony Dress' with its delicately hand embroidered flowers.

  • Invest in a timeless high-quality dress! 

Children are photographed on average twice as many times as an adult at an event. We also keep photographs of children for longer and share them with family and friends far more. Investing in a high-quality and timeless design is worth your while and will give you photos to be proud of for years to come. Designs range from traditional to contemporary with both being equally stylish. As long as you choose a high quality and timeless dress, the choice really is yours!  

You could go for the more traditional ‘Bobellon Ceremony Dress’ for example or find a more contemporary style in the ‘Primrose dress’.

  • Be comfortable and free to move!

There is nothing better than seeing children run, play, giggle and laugh on special occasions. To do this, children need to feel free so finding a piece of clothing your child is comfortable in is vital. Choosing a dress with a material that feels light and breathable such as linen and one that has a flared cut to give a full range of movement can really help make any special day more enjoyable. 

A great example of a linen dress with a flared cut is the ‘Bethany Smock Dress’. 

  • Accessorise with floral colours

Finally, let's talk about elevating an outfit. Accessories add a splash of colour, a touch of elegance and can give regularly worn outfits a vibrant new feel. With the flowers out in full bloom and the warm summer weather arriving, floral accessories are very much in style. Adding flowers to her hair through clips and hairbands is a must this summer! With many products on the market like this, something hand-made and crocheted will help a little girl standout from the crowd. 

The ‘Violet Crochet Hair Clip’ or the ‘Flora Crocheted Hair Band’ would be perfect choices.  

So, to summarise:

  1. Hold on to individuality.
  2. Invest in a timeless quality piece.
  3. Be comfortable and free to move. 
  4. Accessorise with floral colours. 

If you need any help when choosing an outfit for a little girl then just get in touch and we’d be happy to share more ideas and examples for your special summer events. 

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