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Article: Our Shop from the eyes of Pepsi and Dolly

Our Shop from the eyes of Pepsi and Dolly - TilianKids

Our Shop from the eyes of Pepsi and Dolly

Welcome to this my very first attempt at a blog, any blog, I thought I might do this from the perspective of my two rescue dogs, Pepsi and Dolly, so please bear with me (them) and here goes...

Mummy walks me to her gift shop (my own doggie nursery) nearly every day and then I go to sleep. I have my own baby blanket, (a baby boy blanket even though I'm a girl!) and swaddle which are both hand made and organic, which I don't understand, I just know they are very soft and comfortable and smell really nice. I am vaguely aware of people coming and going, sometimes they say things like 'Oh isn't she sweet...' but they could be talking about Mummy, or another toy teddy bear. Sometimes, when I wake up, Mummy is selling baby rompers or vests or pyjamas. I don't know what these are but they look comfy too, so perhaps I could sleep on them too one day. Maybe I might get some for my Birthday. Today a lady came into the shop and asked if I was for sale but Mummy said no and I fell to sleep.

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Our History and Goal - TilianKids

Our History and Goal

I specialise in hand made, organic, eco-friendly baby and children's products up to 7 years old. I have a wide selection of clothes and toys for any nursery, birthday or other special occasion.

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