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Add the sweetest finishing touch to your little one’s hairdos with our handmade hair clips. Hand-embroidered and crocheted, these cute hair clips aren’t just adorable but are also made with eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

With so many elegant and fun designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect hair accessory for you and your child.

Carefully detailed and vibrant, our children’s hair clips add a playful accent to both everyday outfits and those times when you need that extra 'something' for that special occasion.

  •  Hair clips for kids and adults
  •  Handcrafted and made to last
  •  Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion

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  1. Hand Embroidered
  2. Hair Scrunchy Hand Embroidered
  3. Hand Embroidered Hair Clip (carrot)
  4. Sale
  5. Sale
  6. Liberty Hair Bow
  7. Navy Blue Hair Tie
  8. Liberty Fabric Hair Tie
  9. Cherry Colour Hair Tie
  10. Hair Bow (delicate pinks)
  11. Linen Hair Bow


  • Charming little shop with beautifully handmade wool baby clothes and decorative items for the nursery. All created by independent artists. Shop is owned by a lovely woman who also makes georgeus wool cardigans and jumpers. We intended to just buy some socks for our newborn, and left with a rainbow wall hang and an incredible knit cardigan for myself! If you want to support a local business and leave with something beautiful and a big smile, this shop is for you.
  • So lovely to meet you earlier! The best customer service. My daughter was so pleased with her bag and hair clip. Will be back soon!