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A Year Around the Great Oak CHILDREN'S BOOK

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Anna and Benjamin live in the city but love to stay with their cousin Robin in the countryside. Robin takes the children to see his favourite tree in the nearby forest: a 300-year-old giant oak.

Each time the children visit, they are amazed at how the forest and the mighty oak changes with the seasons. In autumn, they build a cosy den in the tree's roots to watch the squirrels. In winter, they learn to ski in the shelter of the forest. In spring, they search the forest for animals. But some creatures can be dangerous, and one night, the old oak tree helps Benjamin when he discovers something he wasn't expecting…

Join Anna and Benjamin as they spend the seasons with the great oak tree, and discover the fascinating plants and animals that live around it.

This new, expanded edition of A Year Around the Great Oak is a compelling combination of engaging story and educational information to delight and teach readers. Discover new detailed and accurate illustrations and fascinating fact pages, alongside the wonderful seasonal story from Gerda Muller, creator of the beloved Seasons board books, A Year in Our New Garden and How Does My Garden Grow?

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  • Detailed and accurate illustrations of plants and animals around a 300-year-old oak tree will delight and educate young readers in this lovely seasonal story
  • A wonderful expanded edition with new illustrations and fascinating fact pages
  • From the creator of How Does My Garden Grow and A Year in Our New Garden
  • "A useful as well as a handsome book." -- New York Times


A re-designed, expanded edition of a classic bestseller. Anna and Benjamin discover the plants and animals living around a 300-year-old tree through detailed, charming illustrations. A blend of fiction and fact to delight and inform.

Format: Hardback
Size: 288 x 220 mm
Publisher: Floris Books
Subject: Pictcure Books
Illustrations: Colour illustrations
Age Range: From 4 to 7 years
Extent: 40 pages
ISBN: 9781782506027
Publication date: 12 Sep 2019
Edition: 2nd edition
A Year Around the Great Oak CHILDREN'S BOOK - TilianKids
A Year Around the Great Oak CHILDREN'S BOOK Sale price$17.00