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In the Land of Fairies Children's Book

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Welcome to the Land of Fairies, a hidden magical world where you'll meet kind and joyful fairies and their animal friends. Each fairy is special -- you'll find them greeting springtime flowers, dancing on midsummer's night, watching over the night creatures and sharing berries with chirping birds.

The lyrical story gently moves through the seasons with luminous illustrations capturing the character of each fairy. This vibrant picture book from bestselling international illustrator Daniela Drescher will captivate young readers who will want to return to the land of the fairies time and time again.

Quick Look

  • A special new edition of much-loved illustrator Daniela Drescher's seminal children's book
  • A magical seasonal story for young children
  • Daniela Drescher paints a magical world of ethereal fairies, atmospheric landscapes and characterful creatures in her luminous and unique style


Discover a land of unique and extraordinary fairies. A lyrical seasonal story with vibrant artwork by bestselling illustrator Daniela Drescher. Premium new edition.

Format: hardback
Size: 224 x 300 mm
Publisher: Floris Books
Subject: Picture Books
Illustrations: colour illustrations
Age Range: From 3 to 6 years
Extent: 28 pages
ISBN: 9781782507215
Publication date: 15 Apr 2021
Edition: 3rd edition
In the Land of Fairies Children's Book - TilianKids
In the Land of Fairies Children's Book Sale price$14.00