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Hello and thank you for reading about our story. My name is Nuray and I am the founder and owner of Tilian Kids. My background is in children’s education and I have been inspired by many years of experience working with children and their parents in the areas of growth and development. As an advocate for early childhood development, I understand the significance of play in a child's growth journey. That's why every toy in our collection is meticulously selected to ignite imagination and foster learning through joyous exploration.

I have a passion for unique, quality, sustainable clothes and design them to blend durability with style, ensuring your little ones feel as good as they look. In 2019 I realised a long-held dream to start my own business and opened a children’s clothes and gift shop in the beautiful City of Bath (in perfect timing for the first lockdown!). We are an independent, family-run business (me, my Husband Paul and our two dogs [Pepsi and Dolly!]), specialising in hand made, organic, eco-friendly baby and children's products up to 7 years old. We are fortunate to live in the City, within walking distance of our shop. I feel strongly about the importance of community and respect for this historic place, its environs and the people who live here or who come to visit.

At Tilian Kids, we're not just about clothing; we're about crafting moments of joy and self-expression. Every creation, from our sustainable knitwear to our eclectic toy collection, reflects our belief in dreams, innovation, and above all, fun. With a majority of our products personally designed and handmade by our team of skilled artisans, each piece carries a story waiting to be told.
Whether you're seeking the perfect ensemble for a nursery, a thoughtful gift for a birthday, or special occasion, or simply something to brighten a slow day, Tilian Kids has you covered.