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House of London Dollhouse (Full Pack)

Sale price£950.00

Some toys are timeless, some toys take you back in time, and some toys bring peace to your home. 'House of London' is such a dollhouse. With its warm colors, intricate details, and quality materials, it will be the favorite toy of children in your homes for years to come.

This large dollhouse has a total of 4 floors. The ground floor features a living room and kitchen, the second floor has a bathroom and bedroom, and the third floor has a children's room and playroom. Of course, it's up to the little ones' imagination to rearrange the rooms. The roof on the top floor can be removed and they can place their desired furniture.

This house is entirely made of high-quality wood, and it uses child-safe certified paints that comply with European Union standards.

There are no screws or nails in 'House of London.' You can easily assemble the product by fitting the pieces together without the need for any adhesives or tools. And when desired, it can be easily disassembled as well.

The House of London (Full Pack) includes materials for 6 rooms and a London Red Telephone Box.

Height: 102cm
Width: 70cm
Depth: 40cm
House of London Dollhouse (Full Pack) - TilianKids
House of London Dollhouse (Full Pack) Sale price£950.00