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Wooden Vintage Mushroom Toy

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"Wooden Vintage Mushroom Toy" contributes to the motor development of children as well as enhances cognitive, social, emotional, and sensory skills. It fosters imagination and creativity. It can be incorporated into play areas and is also suitable for play therapy. Additionally, it can be used decoratively.

Product Features:
* The 4-piece set of Waldorf Wooden Vintage Mushroom Toys comes in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.
* They are made from durable, safe, and non-dusting beechwood in Turkey.
* Crafted entirely by hand and painted with natural wood, they may exhibit slight variations in color and small imperfections like wood knots due to their natural origin.
* All surfaces are hand-sanded and corners are rounded for safety. There are no sharp edges.
* The paints and varnish used in our toys comply with EN 71/3 (Safety Of Toys/ Migration of Some Elements) standards. They do not contain harmful substances.
* Dimensions: Vary between 5 and 11 cm.
* Cleaning of our toys can be done using a damp cloth.
Wooden Vintage Mushroom Toy - TilianKids
Wooden Vintage Mushroom Toy Sale price£3.00